The Centers of Disease Control in Taipei, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps
The Centers of Disease Control in Taipei, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

Members of two voluntary groups that recently visited the Philippines and Myanmar were infected with dengue fever, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in Taiwan said in a statement on Tuesday.

Five of the eight-member team that went to the Philippines have symptoms of dengue – three were confirmed cases, one was negative and the other was still awaiting laboratory test results, Taiwan Shin Sheng Daily News reported, citing CDC deputy director-general Chuang Jen-hsiang.

Meanwhile, one member of a 14-person team that visited Myanmar has also been diagnosed with the mosquito-borne disease, while another two who have symptoms of dengue are awaiting the results of lab tests, Chuang said.

All the volunteers have returned to Taiwan but were believed to have got the disease while they were away late last month.

As of August 7, a total of 163 “imported” cases of dengue fever had been reported in Taiwan. Many of these people came from Vietnam, the Philippines and Myanmar, Focus Taiwan News Channel reported, citing data from the CDC.

Health officials advised travelers who have to visit affected areas or countries should wear light-colored, long-sleeved tops and long pants, plus apply insect repellent on any exposed parts of the body and clothing.

People who return from affected areas should seek medical attention and provide travel details to doctors if they fall ill with fever, headache, or have a skin rash, or joint, muscle or eye pain.