Sha Tau Kok in the New Territories. Photos: Google Maps, HK Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department

A 4.5-meter python was captured after fatally attacking a dog in Hong Kong’s New Territories on Tuesday. At 4:46pm, a witness reported to the police that he seen the snake, which was 15 centimeters thick, in a field at Wo Hang Tsuen in Sha Tau Kok, reported.

The python was attacking a dog that belonged to one of the villagers. Police later arrived with a female snake catcher.

A two-minute video shows the snake catcher grappling with the python in the field, but it was too big to be captured.

Five police officers assisted her and one of them stepped on the snake’s tail to keep it from escaping. The catcher then quickly captured the python and put it into a bag. It was sent to Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden.

However, the dog that was attacked by the python was found dead later.

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