Zhonghua Park, Hukou, Hsinchu county, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps
Zhonghua Park, Hukou, Hsinchu county, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

Taiwan police ruled out foul play in the death of a 32-year-old Vietnamese migrant worker on Wednesday morning as the authorities saw some of a viral video post featuring the preparations for a suicide, which was live-streamed by the victim himself.

At 5:30am on Wednesday, the Vietnamese man was found dead lying on the ground of Zhonghua Park, Hukou, Hsinchu county, The Liberty Times reported.

The identity of the deceased was later checked out, and he was confirmed as a runaway migrant worker who fled since this June.

A smartphone was recovered along with the victim, whose social-media page had live-streamed a video of the process of preparing for his own suicide in a first-person angle. He was seen alone apologizing to his parents in his native language, according to the police interpreter, and then putting the chain of a swing around his neck to strangle himself.

According to China Daily News, the Vietnamese man came to Taiwan two years ago.

No suicide notes were recovered from the man and the police are continuing to investigate the actual cause of his suicide.

The Taiwanese government runs a 24-hour suicide-prevention hotline at +886 0800-788-995.