Shinkong Materials Technology Co Ltd in Taoyuan, Taiwan. Photo: Shinkong Materials Technology

A 41-year-old migrant worker from Shinkong Materials Technology is in a critical condition after his lower limbs got caught in a blender during an industrial accident in Taoyuan, Taiwan, on Tuesday morning.

The male worker’s left leg was dragged into a blending machine for polyester films shortly after he started cleaning work inside the chamber, Taiwan Apple Daily reported.

The man struggled but became fully immobilized with both his legs stuck in the machine. Colleagues shut down the blender and tried to pull him out but were unable to free him.

At 6:41am, officials at the plant called for emergency assistance from firefighters, who spent an hour getting the injured man free – by breaking the machine apart with a grinder, The Liberty Times reported.

The man remained conscious initially despite serious open wounds on both his limbs. However, he suffered a cardiac arrest on the way to hospital, where he was given emergency resuscitation.

Taoyuan police are looking into the accident. After preliminary inquiries, they said the machine had not been switched off before the worker entered the unit to clean it.