Brickfields Police Station, Kuala Lumpur. Photo: Google Maps
Brickfields Police Station, Kuala Lumpur. Photo: Google Maps

Two Indonesian domestic workers who claim they had been badly treated by their employer for years finally took the opportunity on Tuesday to seek help and break free.

The victims, now 19 and 22, came from Indonesia to Malaysia in 2013 and 2015 respectively, and were hired as domestic workers by a female pharmacist through referrals by an employment agency, Guang Ming Daily (Malaysia) reported.

During their employment, the victims’ passports were held by the woman, who also paid them less than the wages stated in their contracts, using all kinds of excuses, they said in a complaint to Community Policing Malaysia.

They claimed their employer also resorted to physical abuse, beating them and splashing hot water on them, even if they had not done anything wrong.

The duo said they had been too frightened to escape as the employer threatened to find their families and inflict harm on them, or to send them to Thailand as prostitutes.

The pair sought help from Community Policing Malaysia and filed their case with local police, Sin Chew Daily (Malaysia) reported.

The Brickfields Police Station in Kuala Lumpur is awaiting injury assessments from a hospital before seeking the arrest of the employer, while the two maids are now under the protection of the Indonesian Embassy in Malaysia.

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