A Hong Kong woman was slammed by netizens for scolding a Filipina who sat beside her on a public bus. Photo: Wikipedia

A mobile phone video of a local woman swearing at a Filipino woman on a bus has gone viral on social media.

A Filipina posted the video on Facebook on Sunday showing a Hong Kong woman, wearing sunglasses beside her on a seat on the lower floor of a double-decker bus to Kwai Chung, swearing at her in Cantonese and asking her to go back to the Philippines.

This started after the Filipina got on the bus and sat next to the local woman, who did not move her bag out of the way, so the seats seemed a bit tight.

All of a sudden the local woman started swearing at her – admitting that she was a racist and did not like the Filipina.

She said the Filipina could only use an outdated iPhone and would not be able to compensate her if she broke her new Samsung Galaxy S8 phone.

The Filipina remained calm and polite throughout the incident and asked the woman to speak English. Her reply: “F**k you.”

The local woman only stopped speaking after several passengers asked her to calm down and restrain herself in a public area.

The Filipina quietly took a video of the woman, then posted it on Facebook. She said the woman called her fat and said she should go back to her homeland. She described the woman as disrespectful, racist and judgmental.

As of Wednesday morning, the clip had received 6,000 likes and had been shared by 8,000 times, after local papers wrote about it on Tuesday.

Most netizens slammed the local woman for her harsh words and discriminating against domestic workers. Some said she might have some kind of mental illness.

One Hong Kong citizen apologized to the Filipino woman on behalf of local people, saying that the woman’s insulting remarks did not represent the opinion of local people.

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