Kwun Tong Public Pier in Kowloon, where a homeless man rescued another woman dragged out of the sea. Photo: Google Maps

A Hong Kong man, aged around 60, rescued a woman who fell into the water from Kwun Tong Ferry Pier in Kowloon on Friday.

At 5am, the man surnamed Ng, who is a street wanderer living near Kwun Tong Public Pier on Kei Yip Street, heard a woman calling for help and struggling in the water, Oriental Daily reported.

Ng immediately threw her a lifebuoy and caught her by using a long-handled pond fishnet and ropes with help from other street sleepers.

The woman was dragged to the pier but was so exhausted she lost consciousness. Ng then performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation on her and saved her life.

Paramedics arrived shortly after.

The 65-year-old woman surnamed Choi told police that she fell into the water accidentally. However, Ng said the woman might have tried to kill herself by jumping into the sea.

Ng told reporters he had knowledge of first-aid because used to work for St John Ambulance, reported, adding that he saw the woman sitting at the pier at 2am and she had looked sad. He talked to her and wanted to cheer her up but she ignored him and walked away.

Ng said he had been living at the pier for about a year and the woman was third person he had rescued in that time. Another was a 20-year-old woman.

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