Wu Wen-wei and Betty (inset) in Xiaying district, Tainan, Taiwan. Photos: Wikimedia Commons/Pbdragonwang, YouTube/LTN

A 90-year-old man in Tainan, Taiwan, keeps up with the digital era at ease, thanks to the guidance of his 30-year-old Indonesian caregiver who serves his smartphone guru. But she benefits from his skill set in exchange.

Wu Wen-wei is a healthy retiree living in the city’s Xiaying district attended by caregiver Betty, who was hired by his children in 2014, China Daily News reported.

In order to facilitate his father’s communication abilities, son Wu Cheng-lung bought him a new smartphone, but the elderly man did not have a clue how to operate it.

Seeing the elder Wu at a loss, Betty, who herself is a good with smart gadgets, showed her employer step-by-step how to operate it and use various applications for different tasks – chatting via instant messaging app Line, for example.

She would draw pictures and write simple tips on Post-its for Wu’s reference. As a result, it did not take long for him to pick up new tricks, and he is now a competent user, chatting and sharing photos and videos with his children, grandchildren and friends every day on Line.

After learning smartphone skills from Betty, Wu returned the favor. Having learned Japanese at school, he began to give elementary lessons in the language to Betty, starting from the gojuon, the Japanese “alphabetical order”.

She is learning fast and becoming more interested in the language. Motivated by Wu, she passed the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test with Level N5 and is preparing to take the Level N3 examination next year, The Liberty Times reported.

Wu and Betty are glad to have each other’s company and learn from each other’s strengths.