ChinaJoy electronic entertainment expo. Photo: ChinaJoy

China’s most successful PC and mobile game company has had tremendous success at home, even outpacing the growth of rival Tencent. But NetEase has had less success abroad, despite being one of the first mainland Chinese internet firms to debut in the US.

Bloomberg reports that the company is on a global hiring campaign and is looking at acquisitions of foreign studios in an effort to earn 30% of its revenue from overseas markets.

“The Chinese market represents slightly over a quarter of the world’s $108.9 billion in gaming revenues,” Jelle Kooistra, NewZoo’s head of product development in mobile was quoted as saying. “Although that is very significant, it still leaves an even greater opportunity overseas.”

While NetEase’s CEO, William Ding, has been conservative in acquisitions, with the company’s growth coming mainly through organic growth, that may be about to change.