Hsinchu City government. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Hsinchu City government. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A three-year-old girl who was abandoned by her Indonesian mother, a runaway migrant worker in Hsinchu, Taiwan, has reportedly moved on to a happy new life, having resided with foster parents in northern Europe for the past several months.

Ju-yuan, who had been classified as “stateless” as the identity and nationality of her biological father remained a mystery, was adopted by a Nordic European couple last Christmas Eve, Taiwan Apple Daily reported.

Before the adoption, she had been staying at a children’s home while the Hsinchu municipal government searched for her birth mother.

According to China Times, the court granted guardianship of the stateless girl to the mayor of Hsinchu in March last year, which also enabled social workers to look for a suitable foster family for her.

With the help of the Christian Salvation Service (CSS), a couple from Nordic Europe who had expressed their wishes to adopt Ju-yuan flew to Taiwan to make the necessary applications with the court.

Mayor Lin Chih-chien said fighting for the best interests and welfare of  vulnerable children was a top priority and he was glad that Ju-yuan had become the first successful case of inter-country adoption. He hopes that all abandoned children in Taiwan can move on as Ju-yuan did.

The CSS estimates that there are at least 400 children aged under five who were born in Taiwan to migrant workers and then abandoned. Unlike Ju-yuan, they could remained stateless, staying in children’s homes and not allowed to be paired with foster families.

The organization is urging the government to review the legislation on this issue.