Police found drug-laced stamps (inset) and other suspected drugs in a flat at Chungking Mansions. Photo: Google Maps, Wikimedia Commons.

An Indian and a Bangladeshi, aged 28 and 39 respectively, were arrested on suspicion of possessing drugs for sale after police raided a flat at Chungking Mansions in Tsim Sha Tsui in Kowloon on Monday evening.

At 10:30pm, police arrested the two men, both asylum seekers, in a drug distribution center and found suspected drugs worth HK$210,000 (US$26,884), Apple Daily reported.

The suspected drugs included 27 “drug-laced” stamps, 190 grams of cocaine, 46 grams of cannabis buds, 72 grams of methamphetamine, 210 grams of cannabis resin, 74 ecstasy tablets, the Oriental Daily reported. Officers also found HK$31,000 in cash during the operation.  

Police believed that the drugs were mainly for retail sale in the Western Kowloon district. In Hong Kong, the maximum penalties for someone convicted of possessing drugs for sale are life in prison and a fine of HK$5 million.

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