Hong Kong Disneyland.Photo: Wikipedia Commons
Hong Kong Disneyland. Photo: Wikipedia Commons

Forty-eight passengers were trapped for 30 minutes on a ride at Hong Kong Disneyland on Wednesday, just a few days after a similar accident at the same facility.

At 2pm, two carts of the Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars roller coaster suddenly stopped in the middle of the run, Apple Daily reported.

A total of 48 passengers were stuck on the ride under the sun until Disneyland staff helped them get out after 30 minutes. No one was injured.

A witness surnamed Lee told media that he and his friend had queued for 30 minutes for the ride but it suddenly closed. He later found that two carts had stopped on inclines on the track. The stuck riders waited for at least 10 minutes without any staff coming to help them out, as far as Lee could see.

The ride reopened later on Wednesday.

Disneyland Hong Kong’s electrical and mechanical services department said the incident was due to a malfunctioning sensor, adding that staff had since been sent to inspect the maintenance work onsite, according to a Sing Pao report.

It was the second time in four days that passengers had been trapped on the same roller-coaster ride. On Sunday, 72 riders were trapped for 10 minutes.

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