Delia Memorial School (Hip Wo) in Kwun Tong. Photo: Google Maps.
Delia Memorial School (Hip Wo) in Kwun Tong. Photo: Google Maps.

A Pakistani school student who migrated to Hong Kong with her family three years ago has received conditional offers from three universities, after getting good results in a Hong Kong public exam.

Rabia Aslam, who studies at Delia Memorial School (Hip Wo) in Kwun Tong, scored 19 marks in the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) examination. She obtained a score of 4 in English, biology, chemistry and liberal studies, plus a 3 in mathematics, Sing Pao reported.

Aslam never learnt Chinese before she came to Hong Kong, but help from her teacher and school friends, together with her “strive my best” spirit helped her get a B grade in Chinese language in the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) exam.

Three local and overseas universities have given Aslam conditional offers. One of them is the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

However, Aslam said she wants to study at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in Sai Kung, as she wants to be a scientist in the future and pursue a career in science research.

Aslam told media outlets that Hong Kong was a peaceful place and she had never faced any discrimination living in the city, Apple Daily reported.

Still, she urged the government to provide more resources and services to support non-Chinese new arrivals in Hong Kong.

Ullah Rizwan, a teacher at Delia Memorial School (Hip Wo), said that a dozen students had obtained 22 to 23 marks in the HKDSE exam this year.

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