Activists at the 'Not in My Name' protest against vigilante violence in Mumbai in early July, 2017. Photo: PTI

Joining the nationwide protest movement against lynchings under the BJP government, Mumbai residents were set to demonstrate in Dadar on Monday, according to media reports.

Prakash Ambedkar, Bharip Bahujan Mahasangh chief and the grandson of Dr BR Ambedkar, was planning to lead a march from Kotwal Garden to Chaiyabhoomiat at 4 pm. Filmmaker-social activist Anand Patwardhan, along with other activists from social organizations, were expected to participate in the protest, The Wire reported.

The organizers said in a statement, “This is not an appeal to government, it is a wake up call to the conscience of the country.”  It also said that the protesters condemned the impunity enjoyed by perpetrators of hate crimes, adding: “Everywhere minorities are under threat. But what is physically dangerous for the minority is mentally dangerous for the majority.”