About 1,000 women will be trained in Cambodia before coming to Hong Kong to do domestic work. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

The first batch of 1,000 domestic workers from Cambodia could arrive in Hong Kong in December, three months later than the scheduled date announced earlier.

The Cambodian government could only start recruiting domestic workers this month as it was previously occupied with local elections, Hong Kong Economic Times reported on Friday, citing a manager of City Employment Paradise, surnamed Chan, who visited Phnom Penh last month.

The Cambodian government is looking to recruit candidates from rural areas and provide them with three-month training courses before they depart, Chan said. The courses will include Cantonese, cooking and nursing, she said.

Hong Kong officials announced in April that they would relax visa requirements to allow Cambodians to work, study and visit the city. And it was expected that an initial group of 1,000 domestic workers could arrive in Hong Kong in September.

However, the Cambodian government did not kick off the scheme until recently as it had been busy managing local elections over the past three months.

In June, the Cambodia National Rescue Party – the country’s main opposition party – made significant gains in local elections by winning about 46% of the popular vote, compared with 30% in the last local elections five years ago. The results could threaten Prime Minister Hun Sen’s grip on power, Voice of America reported.

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