Police officer Shrestha Thakur stands upto BJP protesters at the district court compound in Bulandshahr on Friday. Photo: Hindustan Times

A video of a female police officer standing up to a group of BJP workers in Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh, has gone viral.

When Shrestha Thakur arrested and fined one of the BJP workers for not carrying his vehicle documents, the others began shouting anti-police slogans.

In the video, Shrestha is seen telling the workers surrounding her that they would be charged with creating a disturbance. She says, “You please go and get written orders from the chief minister that the police have no right to check vehicles… that we can’t do our job. Hum raat mein parivar ko chhor ke duty karte hain, maze lene ke liye nahi (We leave our families at home at night not to have fun but to do our job).”

The incident happened on Friday, but the video just recently went viral. NDTV reported that Pramod Lodhi, a BJP district-level worker, was issued a challan ( an official notice of a traffic offense) for not carrying proper documents for his motorcycle.

He was arrested after he allegedly misbehaved with the police officers. However, the party workers alleged that Pramod was arrested because he refused to pay a bribe.

Shrestha was quoted as saying, “He misbehaved with me and then a constable. He also created a scene in the court. We will file another case against him.”

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