Representational image. Photo: Flickr Commons
Representational image. Photo: Flickr Commons

In an effort to reduce pollution and traffic congestion in Delhi, city officials are proposing new parking policies aimed at discouraging vehicle ownership, according to media reports.

“Parking Policy for Delhi” proposes charging a hefty fee for parking in front of residences and charging more for daytime and peak time parking.

The Hindustan Times reported that Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal approved the policy, which was prepared by the Aam Aadmi Party government. It will now be open to suggestions from the public and other stakeholders for a month.

PTI reported that the draft parking policy also proposes checks on multiple ownership and roadside parking of vehicles through taxes and charges.

The draft policy states: “Parking management should be used as a demand management tool to decrease use of private vehicles and thus reduce the overall demand for parking and shift travel to public transport, para-transport and non-motorized modes. Sixty per cent of all trips made in Delhi are short ones which can easily be made on these alternate modes.”