A Korean woman puts her feet at the back of her front seat on a HK Express plane. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Facebook

Several pictures showing a Korean woman putting her feet on the back of the seat in front of her on a HK Express flight drew heavy criticism from netizens on social media over the past few days.

A Hong Kong woman posted pictures on Facebook, complaining about the rude behavior of the Korean passenger, who propped her feet up on the back of the seat on an aircraft operated by the low-cost carrier.

She said the Korean woman, who could speak English, had asked her to move to another seat so she could extend her feet even more. The woman was traveling with a child. 

The Hong Kong woman ignored the Korean’s request and continued to sleep after she made sure that her seat was in an upright position. 

The Hongkonger told the Korean to talk to the flight attendant, who did not try to stop the disturbance.

To add insult to injury instead of the flight attendant telling the Korean to put her feet down she persuaded the Hong Kong woman to change her seat if she did not want to be inflicted by a bad smell.

The Hongkonger followed the advice but took some pictures of the Korean woman and uploaded them on Facebook, HK01.com reported.

The pictures have gone viral on Facebook and Weibo over the past several days. Netizens slammed the Korean woman’s rude behavior and said the flight attendant was unfair to the Hong Kong woman.

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