Taiwan Hsinchu District Court Photo: Google Map
Taiwan Hsinchu District Court Photo: Google Map

A 70-year-old man was sentenced to two-and-a-half years’ jail in a Hsinchu district court in northwestern Taiwan on Tuesday after raping a maid twice in 2014 and indecently assaulting another in 2015.

The defendant was earlier found guilty of one count of forcible indecency, two counts of forcible sexual intercourse and four counts of indecency due to abuse of power.

In June 2014, the defendant hugged a Filipino domestic worker from behind at 4am in the apartment when she was caring for his wife, the Liberty Times reported, citing the court documents.

In July that year, he raped the Filipina in a bedroom and forced himself on her again the next day.

Before the man raped the Filipina had had offered to pay her money for sex and she refused. On July 13, the maid told the employment agency about the incidents and she wanted to return home.

The defendant did not compensate the Filipina and only paid NT$20,000 (US$661) for a plane ticket. The case was not reported to police at the time.

In January 2015, the defendant hired another Filipino maid, but touched her private parts and kissed her face multiple times. When the domestic worker said she would quit, the defendant offered her a pay rise but she rejected him.

Police arrested the defendant over the 2015 incident and uncovered the rape of the first maid during their investigation. He was subsequently charged.

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