The scene of the accident on Sunday in Jaipur. Photo: The Hindu

A shocked driver found a horse in his passenger seat after a freak accident.

The two are recovering from minor injuries following a collision on Sunday in  Jaipur, capital of Rajasthan.

The horse was pulling a  tonga (carriage) in the intense summer heat when its harness broke and it lost control, hitting a motorcycle before ramming head-on into a car and busting through the windshield, India TV reported.

“I had just started my car near Jaipur in the Civil Lines area when I heard the sound of breaking glass. The next moment, I was stuck inside the car with a horse on the seat next to me. I sustained injuries in both my hands and somehow managed to get out of the car after the incident,” businessman Pankaj Joshi was quoted as saying.

Bystanders and forest department officials rescued the horse from the car. “The horse reacted in such a manner due to the intense heat. It suffered some injuries but there is nothing serious,” Dr Arvind Mathur, who treated the horse, was quoted as saying.