A coach flipped over on a highway in Guangzhou after a passenger took the driving wheel. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Baidu.com

A video of a passenger suddenly taking the wheel before a coach flipped upside down and crashed in Guangdong province had gone viral in Hong Kong on Thursday when a netizen uploaded footage taken from a television report. 

Footage from an onboard camera captured the moment when the passenger jumped in front of the driver of the coach, which was traveling from Dongguan, Guangdong, to Ningshan in the Guangxi Autonomous Region, the Chinese-language Dongguan Shibao reported.

It flipped and crashed on a highway in Luogang district in Guangzhou at around 6.37pm.

The Department of Transport in Dongguan said 28 passengers, a driver and two driving assistants were aboard the long-haul coach.

Citing an initial investigation, the transport department said a male passenger took the wheel after he had a quarrel with his wife, resulting in an accident that injured eight passengers. The man shouted that he did not want to live any more before the crash.

Police categorized it as a criminal case.