Two parcels containing cannabis were intercepted by officers at the Gongbei Port of Entry. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A mainland Chinese woman surnamed Liu, in her early 20s, was arrested by police in Zhongshan, in Guangdong province, after taking delivery of a parcel containing 15 kilograms of cannabis, allegedly for her Nigerian boyfriend.

In late March, customs officers at the Gongbei Port of Entry in Zhuhai intercepted the drug parcel, which had been sent through Macau from Nigeria to Zhongshan, the Macau Daily reported on Wednesday, citing customs officials and police.

The customs officers alerted the public security department in Zhongshan, and they then arrested Liu on the morning of April 6 when she received the parcel at home.

Liu said she had taken delivery of it for her Nigerian boyfriend – named Steven – whom she met on WeChat.

Liu was told by Steven, who was living in Guangzhou, that the parcel contained some Nigerian traditional food only. The West African man was later arrested by police in Zhongshan.

The police are hunting an accomplice of Steven’s who is also of Nigerian origin, Exmoo News reported.

On the same day as Liu was arrested, a parcel containing another 15 kilograms of cannabis with Liu as the intended recipient was intercepted by Gongbei Customs. The sender had tried to throw sniffer dogs off the scent using pepper inside the parcel, officials said at a press conference on Tuesday at which no charges were mentioned.