The scene of one of 12 blasts that rocked Mumbai on March 12, 1993. Photo: Hindustan Times

Twenty-four years after 12 bomb blasts in Mumbai killed 257 people and left 713 grievously injured, a special terrorism court on Friday convicted six terrorists of carrying out the atrocity.

Operation mastermind Mustafa Dossa, Abu Salem, Karimullah Khan, Firoz Abdul Rashid Khan, Riyaz Siddiqui and Tahir Merchant were found guilty of the March 12, 1993, atrocity, the PTI reported. Abdul Quayyum was acquitted.

In the second leg of the trial, all were charged with criminal conspiracy, murder and waging war against the Government of India.

In the first leg of the trial, which concluded in 2007, the Terrorist and Disruptive Activities (Prevention) Act court convicted 100 suspects in the case, while 23 people were acquitted.

The accused in the second leg of the trial were arrested later.