Grassroots opposition to new liquor outlets is gaining momentum in Tamil Nadu. Photo: Flickr

There have been several protests in Tamil Nadu aimed at forcing the closure of state-run Tasmac (Tamil Nadu State Marketing Corporation) liquor outlets, but the approach has had limited success. However, on Sunday a group of women in a village in the state’s Ariyalur district managed to get the authorities to cancel a plan to open a new liquor store. And they achieved this in a novel way.

According to a report in the Times of India, the authorities had planned to open a new Tasmac outlet at Royal City Nagar after several liquor shops along local highways were closed on the order of the Supreme Court. A group of women petitioned the Ariyalur district Collector to stop the opening, and villagers had been staging demonstrations against it for the previous three days. But much to their disappointment, the store was stocked with liquor bottles on Sunday and it was scheduled to open on Monday.

On Sunday afternoon, the women broke into the outlet. “We rushed to the spot after learning that women from the village broke open the Tasmac outlet,” an inspector at Sendurai police station Karunanidhi was quoted as saying.

However, the women did not cause any damage. They didn’t break any liquor bottles. Instead, they carried the whole stock of liquor to the road and demanded that the authorities take it back.