Chennai airport is reducing noise pollution by making announcements via SMS and electronic displays. Photo: iStock

Chennai airport officials are giving passengers the silent treatment.

Passengers will now have to depend on electronic displays and SMSs from the airlines for flight information because the Airports Authority of India (AAI) is trying to reduce noise pollution in accordance with international standards.

Following the example of Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and a few smaller airports, airlines will not make acoustic announcements, including boarding calls, at the domestic terminal.

A senior AAI official said the authority took the decision based on suggestions from passengers, many of whom said they were uncomfortable with noisy airline announcements during peak hours. “We consulted airlines and other agencies who work at the airport [before deciding] to do away with boarding announcements,” he said.

An airport statement said airlines will “notify [passengers about] any changes in boarding time, baggage delivery belts and other information through SMS.” However, airlines will make limited announcements in cases where boarding gates are changed.