Mumbai officials hope a new app they are developing will help to alleviate Mumbai's parking problems. Photo: iStock

A new app is being developed by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) in an effort to make it easier for Mumbaikars to park their vehicles.

According to reports, the app will help motorists locate the nearest empty slot and tackle the problem of illegal parking.

At present, the BMC has 91 on-street parking lots with a capacity of over 11,000 vehicles and 47  inside buildings with a similar capacity.

 “The app will be linked to all the parking lots in the city,” a senior traffic official told Mid-day. “The idea is to start a web-based parking system, which was proposed earlier.

“Under the system, when a vehicle enters the parking lot, the contractor will use a hand-held device to issue a receipt, which will have the vehicle’s entry and exit time.

“If this can be implemented successfully, then overcharging and illegal parking can be stopped.”

Sanjay Darade, chief engineer at the roads and traffic department, said: “We are taking help from the Mumbai traffic police to start the app. Once it’s started, it will be of great help to citizens.”

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