Photo: iStock
Photo: iStock

A Mumbai interior designer has been shot dead in an apparent feud with a neighbor and business rival.

Kishor Chaudhari was shot 17 times after Dilip Bhoir and six other men allegedly burst into his house in Shivamrut society in Cholegaon, Dombivali, on Tuesday.

Kishor, 45, died at the scene and his business partner, Nitin Joshi, who was also in the house, was seriously injured.

The rivalry between the two reportedly started when Chaudhari landed a big interior design contract that Bhoir had been trying to secure for himself.

The police have registered a case, but there have been no arrests because the suspects have absonded.

It has been reported that Chaudhari was affiliated with the local Congress wing, but police have ruled out a political motive. Joshi is being treated at the ICU at Shivam Hospital in Dombivali.