Hop Yat Road, To Kwa Wan, Kowloon Photo: Google Map

A passer-by found a 43-year-old taxi driver who had been dead for more than a day in the back of his cab on Wednesday, which was parked in To Kwa Wan in the Kowloon district of Hong Kong.

At 8am, a New Asia Middle School employee, surnamed Lai, walked past Hop Yat Road in To Kwa Wan and saw the same taxi that had been there the day before, Ta Kung Pao reported. She saw the cabbie, surnamed Chan, sitting unconscious on the left rear seat with the window half-open.

Lai called the police after Chan failed to respond. Firemen opened the taxi door, and ambulance officers confirmed that he had been dead for more than a day. A pack of flu medicine was found next to Chan.

The taxi owner said he leased the vehicle to a night-shift driver, who was on holiday.

Chan was the early shift driver and had volunteered to take the extra shift even though he was sick. The police ruled out foul play.