Maple Street Playground, Sham Shui Po Photo: Google Maps
Maple Street Playground, Sham Shui Po Photo: Google Maps

More than 50 men believed to be of South Asian origin were engaged in a running battle involving golf clubs, iron bars, knives and bottles that kicked off around 10pm on Saturday at Maple Street playground in Sham Shui Po, local media reported.

The fight between about a dozen Indian men and 40 or so Pakistanis sprawled out into nearby streets, with alarmed passersby calling police. By the time officers arrived the men had fled, leaving behind some weapons and bloodstains on the floor, Apple Daily reported.

Six injured Indians, aged 22-37 and all asylum seekers with rights to stay in the city, were arrested after a search of the surrounding area. They were treated in hospitals for their wounds.

A preliminary police investigation showed that the Pakistani group recently began competing against the triad-backed Indian group for logistics business in the neighborhood, according to a report by Oriental Daily.

Police are still investigating the incident.

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