Kau Ling Chung on South Lantau Island Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Kau Ling Chung on South Lantau Island Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A group of illegal immigrants were arrested on Lantau Island when they called police to help a Bangladeshi man who had collapsed shortly after they landed in Hong Kong on Wednesday.

Six Bangladeshis, three Pakistanis and an Afghan man, aged between 20 and 40, paid people smugglers in Shenzhen to bring them to Hong Kong, Wen Wei Po reported. They left Shenzhen in a motorized sampan at 7pm on Tuesday and were then dumped on the shore of Kau Ling Chung in Lantau South Country Park at midnight.

The group of men split up into two groups to try to find the city center at around 9am when the red rainstorm warning signal was raised.

One of the Bangladeshi men, 38, suddenly collapsed at Pak Kok of Kau Ling Chung. His companions called the police, Sing Pao reported.

It took 90 minutes for police officers and firefighters to reach the scene and the man was rushed to North Lantau Hospital and was pronounced dead.

Police officers conducted a wide search of the area and found all the illegal immigrants, who had no valid identity documents. All nine of them were arrested.

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