A detail shows rows of feet, a symbol of Canadian soldiers who lost their lives, as part of a giant poppy design at Heroes Square in Arras, France, as part of a ceremony to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge. Photor: Reuters

One-hundred years ago on April 9, the Battle of Arras commenced. The week-long offensive against Germany cost the Allied Forces 159,000 casualties. Of those, a staggering 46,000 were Scottish.

The Battle for Vimy Ridge marked a military coming of age for Canada, whose soldiers were instrumental in capturing the strategic high point from German forces and so ensuring victory in the campaign, at the cost of 3,598 Canadian lives.

Images are from Reuters.

People pay respects at Heroes Square in Arras, France.
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau poses for a photograph.
Expressions of peace in Arras’ Heroes Square.

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