Screen grab of the compensated dating site "hklovely".
Screen grab of the compensated dating site "hklovely".

A 33-year-old Hong Kong information technology specialist was arrested by the police for allegedly operating a prostitution website that generated more than HK$20 million (US$2.57 million) over five years.

On Saturday, Hong Kong police said they busted a “compensated dating” or prostitution website, namely “hklovely,” Apple Daily reported. They arrested the owner, surnamed Fung, and eight people who helped manage the website on suspicion of living off the earnings of prostitution and money laundering.

Nine male customers of the website and five women were also arrested on suspicion of soliciting for an immoral purpose. The women were aged between 17 and 29.

The police said they used female and male undercover officers to investigate the case for six months, Sing Tao Daily reported.

The website was started in 2012 and charged male customers a three-level membership fee to meet with female members, who would receive compensation for going on dates, the police allege.

Hong Kong police filed a request to remove the website, which is registered under an overseas server.

Police also seized a Lamborghini and a BMW worth HK$4.1 million from Fung. He had been arrested in January 2015 for running a similar website and was later fined HK$100,000 and given a 240-hour community service order, according to the reports.