About 100 "Star Wars" stormtroopers line up at the museum entrance. Photo: Asia Times
About 100 "Star Wars" stormtroopers line up at the museum entrance. Photo: Asia Times

Many of us can recall our childhood memories with the sound or image of a plaything that we once owned, and parents can now share their toys” with their offspring on a visit to the Hong Kong Museum of History.

Rickshaw toy Photo: Asia Times
A classic Hong Kong rickshaw toy. Photo: Asia Times

The Legend of Hong Kong Toys exhibition opened on Thursday, with a display of more than 2,000 items. The public can also learn about the history of toy manufacturing and see the evolution of these items that were the center of many a childs unverse over the past century. 

Highlights of the exhibition, which is open until May 15, include about 100 Star Wars stormtroopers lined up at the museum entrance; a grassy patch of terrain covered with more than 1,000 yellow ducks; classic toys such as gung zai zi (portrait picture cards); dress-up paper dolls; ju fan zai (play houses); robots and tin toys; the historical Mobile Suit Gundam series; the ubiquitous Transformers, Star Wars and Barbie dolls; and interactive toys integrated with the latest technology.

The exhibition will also feature toys made in Hong Kong, and how local industrialists transformed the city into a “toy kingdom.

For more details, please visit the Hong Kong Museum of Historys website.

Pre-war dress-up paper dolls, printed in mainland China, 1930s, from the collection of Reo Lau. Photo: Asia Times
A battery-operated toy astronaut, manufactured by Kader Industrial Co Ltd of Hong Kong, 1960s, from the collection of Yeung Wai-pong. Photo: Asia Times
One of the Barbie dolls on display produced between 1959 and 2016 from the Mattel collection. Photo: Asia Times
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