Attorney General Jeff Sessions with President Trump. Photo: Reuters, Mike Segar

Trump rallied the market by sounding calm, confident and presidential, and his enemies rattled the market by throwing monkey wrenches at (if not into) the machine. The attack on Trump’s attorney general Jeff Sessions is a witch hunt; the notion that there is something untoward about a US Senator speaking to the Russian ambassador is ridiculous. That’s what ambassadors do: they talk to senators and such-like. It’s their job. The raid on Caterpillar didn’t help; this stemmed from a 2009 lawsuit by a whistle-blower, and it was ironic (if that’s the right word) to see it hit now.

Sessions gave a press conference moments ago, during which he explained that his contested answer to Senator Al Franken (D-MN) regarding a “continuing exchange between Russian government operatives and surrogates for the Trump campaign” was precise, correct and honest. Franken’s question as posed had nothing to do with discussions with the Russian ambassador attended, as Sessions stated, by his senior professional staff. The whole thing is preposterous and will evaporate.