Theresa Calo (inset) will compete in the world-famous London Marathon in April. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Theresa Calo

Theresa Calo, a Filipino maid in Hong Kong, will run in the London Marathon next month while raising funds for Oxfam, a charity focused on the alleviation of global poverty.

Calo, who worked as a domestic worker in Hong Kong for 15 years, has started her online crowdfunding campaign, which aims to raise £2,000 (US$2,432) for Oxfam.

Calo participated in the 63-kilometer HK168 race last November. She also finished the 100-kilometer Vibram HK100 in January in 21.6 hours and ranked 876 among all 1,576 runners. She came in at 137 among 326 women runners.

“This will be my first marathon…I’ve been running in long-distance and ultra trail running for the last year,” she said in her campaign. “I would like to help raise money for Oxfam.”