Photo: AFP
China's CRRC is to step up checks after Singapore returns metro trains for repair. Photo: AFP

Beijing-based China Railway Rolling Stock Corp (CRRC) has signed a brace of contracts that will make its railcars common sights on the mass transit systems of Los Angeles, Pennsylvania and Chicago.

China Daily reports that CRRC will build 64 new railcars for the LA subway system in a deal worth up to $647 million. CRRC also won a $137.5 million bid on Thursday to assemble 45 railcars for the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority. In another coup, China’s largest train maker broke ground earlier this month on a new US$100 million facility in Chicago to assemble railcars for the city’s transport authority.

Local assembly by CRRC will create US jobs and help promote the use of US-made components.

“We are helping President Donald Trump realize his infrastructure-rebuilding plan. It’s win-win cooperation,” China Daily quoted CRRC vice president Yu Weiping as saying.