Courtesy of Pauline Yau

Pauline Yau specializes in creating art installations in commercial spaces, with a particular focus on paper sculptures. Based in Hong Kong, she was commissioned ahead of this year’s Lunar New Year festival to make the menagerie of paper roosters and other exotic birds that now grace the city’s Pacific Place mall.

Pauline’s roosters are of two types: copper marans and red junglefowls. “I’ve given each rooster its own character and expression,” she says. “They’re quirky and charismatic. All roosters are very curious creatures.”

She adds: “The timeline for all 33 birds was quite tight: four weeks. It started with the making of the base frames, then choosing the color combinations and the right thickness of the paper. The next step was making templates of all the feathers, hand-cutting each feather with scissors and knife, then layering them onto the frames to build up the plumage.”

Each bird has on average 500 feathers, with the installation’s centerpiece giant rooster boasting over 1,000.