Two of China’s new J-20 stealth warplanes swept over a gasping crowd at the Zhuhai air show on Tuesday. Swift, nimble and heavily armed, the planes represent a leap forward in China’s ability to project power in Asia and compete in military capabilities with the United States.

Against expectations, China’s official Purchasing Managers’ Index rose to its highest level since July 2014. It was boosted in October by growth in new orders and improved readings from small and medium-sized enterprise.

The implications for Asian Americans — both positive and negative — are manifold if Hillary Clinton wins the race for the White House. For one, the issue of political donations from the Asian American community may draw fresh scrutiny.

The woman at the center of the snowballing political scandal engulfing South Korea’s President Park Geun-hye has been put under emergency detention. Prosecutors said Choi Soon-sil was “unstable” and a flight risk. She faces allegations of fraud and meddling in state affairs over her decades-long friendship with Park. She had handed herself in to authorities following mass street protests.

Kenny Hodgart

Kenny Hodgart is an editor for Asia Times.