President Tsai Ing-wen waves during National Day celebrations in Taipei, Taiwan, on October 10, 2016. Photo: Reuters/ Tyrone Siu
President Tsai Ing-wen waves during National Day celebrations in Taipei, Taiwan, on October 10, 2016. Photo: Reuters/ Tyrone Siu

Taiwan is adamant about building a consistent, predictable and sustainable cross-strait relationship, Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen reiterated at the Double Ten celebrations in Taipei on Monday. “We can talk about anything beneficial to the cross-strait peaceful development and the livelihood of people on two sides,” said Tsai.
國慶日演說 蔡總統重申兩岸維持現狀立場

China Issues New Documents On Corporate Deleveraging

China’s State Council issued an opinion on corporate deleveraging Monday afternoon, reiterating the market-oriented principle and proposing seven major ways to achieve the goal, including – push for merger and acquisition, gradual start of the debt-to-equity swaps and allowing corporate to declare bankruptcy according to law.

The opinion came with a guiding opinion on launching the debt-to-equity swaps. The scheme, first time in 17 years, will target on prospective enterprises yet with temporary difficulty, open to the four large state-backed asset management corporations, insurers and companies invested with state-owned capital.

Shareholding reform to finish by 2017

The State-Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission has been speeding up shareholding structure reform and aims to have it finished by 2017, according to Xiao Yaqing, the commission head.
国资委多项改革促央企做优做大 2017年完成公司制改制

Xi pushes for bigger internet role

China should take on a bigger role in formulating international rules governing the internet, President Xi Jinping told the 36th collective study session of the Politburo of the Communist Party of China on Sunday. Xi also called for more innovation in internet information technology and the development of the digital economy.
习近平:加快推进网络信息技术自主创新 朝着建设网络强国目标不懈努力

Property sales down 40 per cent

The number of primary property transactions dropped by around 40 per cent in most Chinese cities during the Golden Week national holiday after the implementation of new crackdown measures, Xinhua reports. In Beijing, 165 new flats were sold during the week, down 161 on the previous year’s Golden Week, and compared to 320 sold on average per week in September.
调控政策密集出台 部分城市新房成交现断崖式下跌

China frees salt pricing

Table salt production companies will be free to decide on pricing starting from January 1, 2017, the National Reform and Development Commission announced on Sunday, ending the government’s monopoly.
食盐价全面放开 发改委称盐行业多年来产大于销

By Lin Wanxia, Poo Yee Kai & Benny Kung