Kohei Uchimura

Olympic gold medalist Kohei Uchimura’s addiction to Pokemon Go gave him a $5,000 shocker as he opened his Olympic campaign.

Uchimura racked up a $5,000 mobile phone bill playing Pokemon Go in Rio.

Japanese gymnast Uchimura incurred data roaming charges playing the augmented reality game after arriving in Brazil for this month’s Games. After receiving the bill, Uchimura “looked dead at the team meal that day,” team-mate Kenzo Shirai told BBC. “500,000 yen ($4,954),” Uchimura told Kyodo News on Tuesday, shaking his head with embarrassment.

Thankfully for Uchimura, his Japanese carrier service agreed to reduce his bill to a daily all-you-can-use contract. He will be charged 3000 yen ($30) per day for mobile use abroad instead of the 500,000 yen ($4,954) he thought he would have to pay.

Japan’s Olympic hopeful Kohei Uchimura had won all-around gold at London 2012. He is a record six-time world champion and possibly the greatest living all-round male gymnast, the Guardian reported.

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