(From Hindustan Times)

Sanjana Soni, a Mumbai-based marketing professional is set to get married in November. But the 29-year-old is not interested in wearing a traditional heavy bridal lehanga for her D-Day. She wants something simpler and more comfortable. Soni is not alone. She is part of a growing breed of soon-to-be brides, who are gladly opting for less-expensive fuss-free garments for their wedding day.

“Today’s young intelligent bride wants to enjoy her own wedding. Hence, while choosing what she will wear, she keeps comfort in mind,” says designer Anita Dongre, adding that their options are still traditional, but they just don’t want to be weighed down by heavy bridal wear.

Designer Mandira Wirk feels that brides today are more “free-spirited”, and don’t mind being a little experimental too. “They are independent, experimental and fashion forward. Investment buying is also becoming popular among today’s women. They like buying something that is dramatic yet simple, and can be used on other occasions in the future as well, instead of just sitting locked up in the wardrobe after a single use,” she says. Read more

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