(From Indian Express)
Love leather and leather products but think it’s cruel and harsh on animals? Well, no more worries, there is a vegan substitute to fulfill all your fashion desires. From shoes, bags to even clothes, the new alternative is being used to manufacture all.

The new sustainable substitute called the Pinatex, is a byproduct of pineapple crop. The material is manufactured from the fibers of pineapple leaves. For what’s it worth, it reduces waste after the fruits are harvested and it does not require an additional water or assistance to grow the main source. A mesh of the fiber obtained from the leaves is made, then it goes through few mechanic and chemical processes, to get to the finished product.

pineapple leaves

The Pinatex was designed by leather expert Carmen Hijosa, who visited Philippines while researching alternatives to leather realized, the country grows a lot of pineapples and ends up with a lot of wasted leaves. Read more

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