British embassy villa

(From Asahi Shimbun)

Visitors here can get a glimpse into the lives of generations of British diplomats at the renovated former villa, which opened to the public on July 1.

The two-story wooden structure, which is more than a century old, offers a panoramic view of emerald-green Lake Chuzenjiko from a terrace on the second floor.

Ahead of the public opening, an event was held on June 30, the birthday of British diplomat Ernest Satow (1843-1929), who built the facility. It was attended by 50 or so people including British Ambassador to Japan Tim Hitchens, and his wife, Sara.

British embassy villa

Satow built the villa in 1896 for his private use after he fell in love with the Oku-Nikko district’s natural splendor.

Following his departure from Japan, the site was used as the British Embassy’s villa until 2008.

In 2010, it was donated to the Tochigi prefectural government, which has carried out restoration work on the structure. Read more

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