Mumbai records India’s first road accident driven by Pokemon Go

Pokemon and driving is a no-go. Virtual-reality “Pokemon Go” app is driving people crazy worldwide. And, playing the smartphone app while driving has also led to some deadly road accidents. India has just recorded its first “Pokemon Go” crash.

Mumbai-based car dealer Jabbir Ali, recently, met with a nasty accident when he tried to multitask. He confessed to Mid-Day that he was immersed in the game while driving when an oncoming auto-rickshaw hit his vehicle. He had to shell out a huge sum to cover the damage and has learned the lesson. Now, he is spreading awareness about the dangers of mixing “Pokemon Go” with driving.

Although this incident was a minor one, there have been life-threatening accidents and injuries overseas, including in the US and Japan.

Warnings have come in from experts and law enforcements to stop playing the game “carelessly” as it may have adverse consequences.

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