Spero eletric bike

India’s first crowdfunded electric bike has just hit the road. It can run for 100 km after a single charge. It can reach 25 km per hour in under 10 seconds. Its per kilometer cost falls under 10 paisa. Even if the charge is out, you can pedal it just like a regular bicycle and recharge its 48-volt Lithium ion detachable battery!

Spero is actually a hybrid bicycle manufactured by Coimbatore-based textile machinery spares producer Milltex Engineers Pvt. Ltd and launched the vehicle in Bengaluru on Friday. It could be an answer to the traffic and pollution problems choking the cities.

“Electric mobility will take more time to gain popularity. So, we needed to keep it simple and take it to the next level. What better way than a cycle,” S Manikandan, co-founder and managing director of the six-member company that produces the Spero electric bicycle, told Live Mint.

Manikandan and his six-member team hope to sell 150,000 units of the bike between August (when deliveries start) to March next year.

Their three models—e30, e60 and e100—will cost Rs55,500, Rs64,800 and Rs84,900 respectively.

Spero comes with a five-speed digital gear system and is the country’s first crowd-sourced electric bike, according to Economic Times. The team has combined both locally sourced materials and imported components to build the product, it reported. Manikandan is trying to raise funds for his innovation on Fueladream.com, a Bengaluru-based crowdfunding platform, Tech Story reported.

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