With a potential US president who may scare off foreign tech investors and hinder its ability to innovate, Asia can step in as a viable alternative but first needs to put in place the necessary pieces.

(From ZDNet)

By for By The Way

In less than five months, the US will go to the polls and elect its 58th president. Whoever wins it, the country will be marking a significant milestone in its presidential history: either it gets its first female president or, for the first time ever, the US will be led by a red-haired orange buffoon.

Important questions will be asked. Is it a combover or a really cheap toupee? Is that simply a strange choice for a spray tan or a sunbedding session gone bad?

On a less serious note, of course we’re not here to debate a nation’s choice for its head of state…their country, their choice, they get to live with it. For the rest of us munching on our popcorn from outside the US, we’re simply waiting to see if their next president will eventually become their least travelled (from being the least invited) and likely the least liked foreign dignitary.

Indeed, Donald Drumpf…oops, I mean, Donald Trump’s climb to presidential nomination has baffled international media and observers. Here’s a guy who has thrown baseless accusations against several groups of people including Mexicans, Muslims, Chinese, and even the Pope, incited political violence, and uttered misogynist statements, including creepy ones about his own daughter. Read more

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