Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo fans are waiting with bated breath for June 17, when the “Descendants of the Sun” stars will share the same stage and are expected to address a long-unsolved mystery.

‘‘Kikyo’ fans desperately want their favorite stars to declare their love for each other. Media speculations are that the ‘Song-Song’ couple is in a relationship. Though unconfirmed thus far, they aren’t totally baseless. Right after the 52 Baeksang Arts Awards, the “Descendants of the Sun” stars were spotted getting dinner together with friends.

Korean gossip outlet Dispatch published photographs of them together with their group of friends in Seoul, South Korea, on June 4. “Six Flying Dragons” actor Yoo Ah-in was also among them. The pictures of the ‘Song-Song’ couple and their friends strolling out in a street went viral on Twitter.

Photo : Dispatch via Twitter/@JoongKiPH
Joong-ki shared during his fan meeting in Hong Kong his most unforgettable scene from the super-hit Korean drama: Yoo Shi-jin watching Kang Mo-yeon through his sniper rifle. Joong-ki said that his character made use of the same rifle to see “the woman that I have fallen in love with.” Fans think that Joong-ki was no longer speaking as his character and his real feelings for his co-star were already showing, according to Movie News Guide.

Last month, IBTimes reported that they enjoyed a late night dinner. As per reports on Movie News Guide, it was revealed that “Joong-ki referred to Hye-kyo as “Hye-kyo-sshi” (a more affectionate way of calling someone) and not “Hye-kyo-noona” (a term for an older girl).” The report also stated that “Joong-ki also appeared to be jealous when Park Bo-gum talked about Hye-kyo during his fan meeting in Beijing.”

When Joong-ki paired with Hye-kyo at the Baeksang awards, it was wishful thinking that the ‘KiKyo’ rumor was real. But the announcement that Hye-kyo will grace a fan meeting of Song Joong-ki hiked the hopes of ‘KiKyo’ fans that there will be a public proposal of love. To add to anxiety, it is said that they will perform a duet of the “DOTS” track, “You Are My Everything.”

Song and Song are adorable together and are also the most popular actors in South Korea, as of the most-recent brand power studies. It is also a reason why such speculations are rife. Even if they aren’t already in a relationship, that such widespread speculations may bring the most-favored stars together is another fine hope. Will it come true on June 17?

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