On an average, travellers in Hong Kong book their hotels 42 days – or six weeks – before their check-in date, finds a study.

According to the Agoda’s new Travel Smart report, Hong Kong travellers book their hotels further in advance than any other nationality. This puts them ahead of Taiwanese, Australian and Russian travellers, all of whom book an average of 40 days in advance. Hotel guests from the UAE are the world’s latest bookers, with an average lead time of just 12 days, Travel Daily Media reported.

The study looked at millions of bookings made by Agoda travelers across the globe in 2015 to see how far in advance they were booking accommodation. The global average booking lead time, according to Agoda, is 24 days.

“Those early birds may be onto something,” Travel Daily News quoted Errol Cooke, Vice-President, Partner Services of Agoda, as saying. “Travelers who book early tend to have a better selection of properties, and a better selection of room types. There’s always a risk that plans could change but many properties have free cancellation now, so travelers likely won’t be out of pocket if they have to.”

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