It’s an app. It tries to understand your needs and provides answer to your queries. It provides timely help and suggestions. It reminds you about important things, makes travel arrangements. Just like a personal assistant would do but functions in the virtual space of your smartphone.
Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, Helpchat provides a highly personalized experience. Regardless of what you are looking for, Helpchat gives the best possible suggestion based on previous consumption patterns. It filters news stories according to the preferences of the user, gives bill payment reminders, offers suggestions on movies and deals, books cabs, makes travel arrangements, does mobile recharges, and even orders food from your favorite restaurant, ANI reported.


What more? In India, Helpchat has already tie-ups with services like Cleartrip, Ola, Uber, Zomato, Freshmenu, and Mast Kalandar, among many others. Besides, Helpchat can also offer personalised offline and online deals, based on the user’s preferences.

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