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Bangladesh police have arrested more than 3,000 people in a sweeping nationwide crackdown following a spate of gruesome murders, they said Saturday (June 11), as Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina vowed to catch “each and every killer.”

The nationwide crackdown aims at halting a wave of brutal attacks on minorities and activists in Bangladesh
Bangladesh has started a nationwide crackdown on criminals to halt attacks on minorities and activists

Those detained include 37 suspected Islamist militants and hundreds of potential criminals who previously had warrants out against them, as well as several hundred ordinary arrests, police said.

Bangladesh is reeling from a wave of brutal killings that have spiked in recent weeks, with religious minorities, secular thinkers and liberal activists the chief targets.

“We have arrested 3,155 people including 37 Islamist militants as part of the special drive over the last 24 hours,” A.K.M Shahidur Rahman, deputy police inspector general, said. Read More

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